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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA






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When the weather warms we start to think about watering our gardens and for many of us, the irrigation may have been turned off since the end of April.  Often when we go to turn it back on, the sprinklers don’t pop up or spray the wrong way. There may even be broken pipes or sprinklers that we were going to fix when we had the time! What you need to do is a pre season irrigation check for your garden!

A simple pre season check will save you both time and money in the long run, along with ensuring that your precious plants and garden are being watered effectively.  
You can carry out the irrigation maintenance yourself or go to Total Eden.  They have expert advice, a large product range and great product knowledge about how to fix up your existing system so that it will be working like new again.

Christian Gill, an irrigation expert from Total Eden, explains the checks that we need to perform on our own irrigation.  These simple tests include programming the controller, flushing of the sprinkler lines, replacing any blocked or broken sprinkler nozzles and cleaning any filters.

Existing controllers need to be re-set and checked to ensure that you are only watering on your allocated Water Corporation watering days, either before 9am or after 6pm.  The battery back up also needs to be replaced every year to ensure that your system settings are saved in the event of a power failure.

If the system hasn’t been run for a while, accumulated dirt or debris may have entered the system from broken pipes or sprinklers or even ant intrusion.  First remove any sprinkler heads and nozzles including filters and then turn on the irrigation to flush the line out.  When the water runs clear, turn off the water.   Check and clean the existing nozzles under running water or place in hot water for a couple of minutes.  If they are still blocked, replace with a new nozzle that has the same throw or coverage.

Pop-up sprinklers in the lawn can stick as well as need replacing because they can be easily damaged when mowing.  Trim any grass from around them; then remove by unscrewing them from the pipe and riser.  Carefully take apart, replacing any broken or damaged nozzles and then lubricate with pop up lube to stop them sticking. Always check the riser height so that they are set below the mowing cutting height.

Irrigation systems with filters also require maintenance from time to time.  First ensure that the system is off and then remove the filter outer casing. Disc filters can be hosed off to remove accumulated sand and sludge and then carefully replaced back the same way.  

A final check of the whole system will ensure that the sprinklers and irrigation are watering the lawn and gardens effectively and efficiently, the perfect solution for a healthy and waterwise garden.  To book your garden in for a pre season irrigation check or for the parts to do it yourself, head down to your local Total Eden store or call 1300 657 099