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Does your lawn look a little sparse and worn?  If so it could be open to invasion from weeds and attack from pests and diseases.  If you want to turn your lawn from worn to well grown without moving house, you need to learn from professional turf managers who know the trade secrets to a great looking lawn!

Maintaining your lawn with regular mowing from spring to autumn is essential.  This will encourage the grass to grow sideways rather than upwards with a denser growth habit. Never remove more than a third of the leaf surface area at any one time. Always change the direction each time that that you mow the lawn to avoid creating undulations in the grass. First cut in a north/south direction then next time in an east/west direction. Follow this with a 45-degree diagonal one way and then next time the opposite diagonal to create a Union Jack pattern and then simply start all over again.

The secret to a great looking lawn is Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent,
a slow release granular fertiliser with added professional grade wetting agent to help water penetrate into the soil and be absorbed whilst also increasing the uptake of nutrients.  October is the perfect time to apply a wetting agent in WA and Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent reduces water-run-off promoting a deeper root system so that less watering is required and your lawn becomes more drought tolerant.  

A common mistake people make with their lawn is applying too much or too little fertiliser at a time, which becomes a feast or famine effect.  This can be unhealthy and cause burning or excess soft growth, which in turn is prone to pest and disease attack making the lawn more vulnerable to the effects of drought, excessive wear and compaction.

Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent is best applied three times per year in early spring, early summer and then in autumn for a lawn that will make your neighbours green with envy.  This environmentally friendly slow release fertiliser contains Scotts patented timed-release Nitrogen and all the nutrients necessary according to its needs. The nutrients are released at about the same rate that the grass roots can take up the fertiliser so there is no wastage, run-off to the waterways or surge growth.  Plus the added Iron provides a quick green up for your lawn without the extra mowing.

Lawn Builder is also safe on your lawn until it next rains as there is no need to water it in.  Best of all one application will keep your lawn well fed for up to 12 weeks.
It takes no time and is very quick to spread Lawn Builder using a Scotts Spreader, which takes the guesswork out of applying fertilisers. Each bag of Lawn Builder has spreader settings to guide you so that you can easily apply the fertiliser at the correct application rate.  For larger turf areas the EasyGreen Broadcast Spreader is ideal.  One 4kg bag of concentrated Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent will cover over 250 square metres, that’s a huge area! As they say a little goes a long way.

For precision application when applying Lawn Builder use the EvenGreen Drop Spreader to control exactly where the fertiliser falls thus avoiding garden beds or plants which may be otherwise affected. And remember always sweep up fertiliser from paths and driveways after application to avoid staining.

So if you want to build your lawn from the roots up to crowd out weeds and have the best and healthiest lawn on the street, apply Scotts Lawn Builder three times each year.  All Lawn Builder formulations are available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at