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There is something about a spring garden full of beautiful flowers and the intoxicating perfume of Wisteria that makes you feel happy and glad to be outdoors.  Although a garden like this one takes time to mature, with the right advice and products your azaleas will look as magnificent as these in no time.

Evergreen azaleas grow best in freely draining acidic soils with a pH of 5.5-6.5 in partial shade, like here under the shelter of larger growing trees or shrubs.  The southern side of the house also provides the perfect spot with protection from the hot summer sun.  There are even some azalea varieties that will grow in full sun but always check on the label first.

So how do you get your azaleas looking as good as these?  The first thing to do is to give them a light tip-prune after flowering.  Any straggly branches can be cut back quite hard to encourage bushy new growth.

A light application with a fertilizer specifically for azaleas straight after flowering and again in late January will have your azaleas in top condition and help fight insect and fungal attacks more effectively.

It is always important to check for signs of pests and diseases as azaleas can be attacked by mites, thrips and Azalea lace bug.  You may not know you have a problem with azalea lace bug until many of the leaves are affected making the plant look untidy.  During spring and summer the upper leaf surface becomes mottled in silvery white or grey and the lower surface dotted with brown sticky spots.

The adult bugs are around 4mm long and shiny black with mottled lace-like wings.  They lay their eggs on the leaves and as they hatch the young nymphs congregate on the undersides of the leaves and damage the plant by sucking its sap.

Now there is an easy way to control this and many other troublesome pests… This! New Bug Killa from Richgro.  This first of its type granular insecticide is a systemic insecticide that is taken up by the plant roots and enters into the plants sap stream to protect it for up to six weeks from pests including aphids, lace bug and beetle larvae.

Richgro Bug Killa contains Imidacloprid and can be safely used on most ornamental plants including roses and azaleas. It is so easy to use and apply with no mixing or spraying required.  The addition of iron and zeolite helps to boost and improve overall plant health.

Prior to application remove any mulch or dead vegetation from around the base of the plant and lightly moisten the soil surface.  Always follow the directions on the bottle and carefully measure the required quantity of granules, one cap holds 10g which is perfect for controlling azalea lace bug or aphids on roses up to one metre tall.

Sprinkle the granules evenly around the drip zone or over the surface of potted plants and roses. Always water in well after application to maximise penetration and contact with the roots.

Richgro Bug Killa will continue to control your pest problems for six weeks while you can continue to get on with the other jobs that need doing in the garden.  The addition of a natural pine bark mulch is an easy way to control weeds, save water and acidify the soil, the finishing touch for all your azaleas.

The new Richgro Bug Killa and the Blood and Bone based Premium Fertiliser are available at Bunnings, Home Timber and Hardware, Mitre 10 and all leading garden centres and retailers.

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