This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



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Whether it’s the beach or the pool us Aussies love the water especially when the sun is shining. And now that summer is just around the corner it’s time to get your pool into shape, ready for all those summer BBQ’s. 

And who better to do it with than our trusted friends at Poolwerx. Pool owners tend to wait until summer has well and truly arrived to get their pools into shape however it’s actually more cost effective to do it before the sun hits as an unbalanced pool can turn green pretty quickly in the sun. 

So today Poolwerx have a very special offer for Home in WA viewers. For only $79, they’re offering a special summer start up service. Which includes testing and chemically balancing your pool water, equipment checks, backwashing, cleaning salt cells and making sure your pool is perfectly safe for summer swimming.

Poolwerx really are the healthy pool people and the WA teams have certainly proved their excellence by taking home a number of awards at the 2014 Poolwerx convention as well as a number of other industry awards. Including the best pool store and best technician award going to Michael Hamel-Smith at the SPASAWA awards this year. 

So get that pool of yours looking great this summer with Poolwerx. And if you do you’ll be able to have hours of fun in the water, like these guys.