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There are over 65,000 break-ins a year in Perth and nine out of ten intruders gain entry through glass windows. And while most of us make sure we've got good key-locks on all the windows, the fact is, that the glass is easily broken. So, no matter how well you lock up, your windows are still vulnerable. Of course, the ideal solution would be to make your windows shatterproof, and with Sentinal Glass Security that's exactly what you can do.

Sentinal Security film is scratch resistant on one side and is coated on the other with a special adhesive that actually forms a molecular bond with the glass. The film renders the glass completely shatterproof on impact and even if the glass should break, the film will hold it firmly in the frame. And it can easily be applied to the interior or exterior of just about any existing glass window or door.

With the focus on outdoor living here in WA almost all of us has at least one of these the glass patio door. Again we're pretty good about making sure it's properly secured, but with all that glass, the patio door is the number one entry point for intruders.

Your patio door is designed with your family's safety in mind, so it's designed to shatter into small, blunt pieces. A patio door fitted with Sentinal Security Glass, on the other hand, is virtually impossible to break. And if the Security glass is also a safety glass; somebody running into it certainly wouldn't break it.

Sentinal Security Glass is actually two layers of glass fused together, with a tough interlayer in between. And like the security film, it also protects against UV rays, heat and glare. So, it protects your furniture and carpets as well as your family.

Sentinal Security Glass and Films come with a twenty-five year guarantee. And if your home or business does happen to get broken into through a Sentinal protected window, then Sentinal's 24-hour replacement service will replace it immediately, free of charge.

Now, if you'd like to find out more about how you can really secure your windows, just ask Sentinal Glass Security for an obligation free quote and they'll send a consultant to you.