Blueprint Homes PART 3

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Craig Park



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Unit 22, 257 Balcatta Rd
Balcatta WA 6021

Recently on the show Craig Park, founder and general Manager of Blueprint Homes was helping guide us through the tricky process of building our own homes. So far we've spoken about the advantages of building new,setting a budget, finding the right location and choosing fixtures and fittings…. next?

Well, it’s the final spoke in the wheel. Now we build! And for the client, this means doing as little as you like. My question to Craig however was wouldn’t you be tempted to keep an eye on the progress, visit the site to make sure the bricks and mortar are where they should be? He agreed, this is often, and quite understandably the case. 

This really isn’t necessary though.Blueprint have a construction supervisor on each build who’ll oversee and manage the entire construction. While its happening, they’ll keep you informed and ensure the craftsmanship meets Blueprints strict guidelines.

Craig shows me a build at the point of lock up to discuss how quickly the home evolves from ‘a little rough around the edges’, to ‘ready to hand over the keys’. The big finale in the process of building your own home.