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Some surveys estimate that around 80% of Australians own a pet, so there's a pretty good chance that new animal laws coming into play here in WA are going to affect you. Now it is compulsory to have your cats micro-chipped, registered and sterilised. Restricted dog breeds are already required to be sterilised and amendments to the Dog Act mean that all dogs will now have to be micro-chipped.

Obviously costs for these procedures will vary from vet to vet , but as part of the National De-sexing Network. Hanly Vet are committed to offer sterilisation in particular at a affordable price.

Sterilisation is a very simple procedure and Hanly Vet perform around 4,000 every year. The procedure is a day surgery and your pet will be up and about and back to full health in a couple of days and exactly the same as they were before the procedure.

Sterilisation has a range of benefits, including animals that are more content, less aggressive towards other animals, less territorial and they're less lightly to roam. It's also the best way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens or puppies that end up in rescue centres and being euthanised.

Micro-chipping and sterilising your pet are now not only part of responsible pet ownership, they're also required by Law. Check with your local council for further specific regulations.

Talk to the team at Hanly Vet about how they can help you meet the new pet requirements at a more affordable price.

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