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Did you know that Seasol have also developed the organically based Powerfeed for Vegies and Powerfeed for Flowers and Fruit as well as Powerfeed?  This year they have also added two brand new formulations Powerfeed for Natives and Powerfeed Organics, so lets learn a little more about them.

Powerfeed for Vegies is specifically designed for vegetables, taking the proven PowerFeed formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts to provide everything that your Vegies need to thrive.

The formula for PowerFeed For Flowers and Fruit contains extra fish and added iron that minimises leaf yellowing, it also has less nitrogen, so you don't get excessive leaf growth at the expense of flowering.

The new PowerFeed for Natives is specially formulated for all Australian Natives including phosphorous sensitive plants like Grevilleas, Banksias and Proteas.  The fast acting liquid can be applied to the roots or as a foliar feed.  Another new addition PowerFeed Organic is a certified mixture to sustain healthy growth in all plants including edible crops, natives and flowering plants, plus it’s great for the soil and environment. It's pretty much your all round organic application.

Remember to apply PowerFeed formulations every couple of weeks throughout the growing season and you too can have the ‘Best garden in the street’.

All Powerfeed formulations are available exclusively at Bunnings stores across Western Australia