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Location is everything when you're buying real estate and while the new owners of this Sorrento house loved the location and were happy with the asking price, they weren't too sure about the original house.

Instead of knocking down the home that originally stood here, the owners saved themselves a fortune by extending and modifying the existing house. And they've ended up with a beautiful home that's just right for them for around half what they would have paid to build from scratch.

Addstyle Master Builders is the company behind this extension that includes a second storey, some modification to the downstairs area and a new outside studio. They added a real parent's haven to the new top level of the home, with a new Master Bedroom, luxurious ensuite and parents' retreat.

It's hard to believe that anyone would build in Sorrento and advantage of the gorgeous seaside views. And in true Addstyle style, this new second storey was designed to take full advantage of the home's location without looking like a 'tacked on extra'.

Addstyle Master Builders' achieve this with good old-fashioned customer service. In fact, Addstyle Master Builders' track record for customer service is so good, that they recently won customer service awards from both the HIA and the MBA.

Addstyle Master Builders can do the same at your place adding value to your home as well as giving you the lifestyle you've always wanted.