Jazz Up For Sale Part 1

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Jane Heron



0438 966 459

7 Littledale St
Scaborough WA 6019

Interior Stylist Jane Heron is the go to girl for many of Perth's selling agents when the time comes to place a home on the market. Her artistic talents breathe new life into an area, creating a stylish home interior, livening up an otherwise lack lustre atmosphere.

Jane's joined us previously on the program and this week we met again to discover how a professionally styled home will make an unbelievable first impression. 

This week we chose an older design, a home with coastal views but hadn't had a facelift for well over a decade... a lot can change in that amount of time. 

In the main living area a feature wall had a coat of rather dark paint. Perfectly in vogue 13 years ago, but far from light and airy. The same area needed some separation too. Jane's task was clear, identify a space for dining and lounging, add light and space and above all, hide that feature wall.

After a lot effort and a little hand, the transformation took all of us by surprise. Perhaps it had something to do with the late afternoon sun beaming through the western windows, but by the end of the shoot none of us were in any rush to leave!