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60% of falls happen in and around the home and as you get older, your risk of falling increases. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve safety around the home.

Taking care of your general health, making sure you have your eyesight tested regularly and staying active and mobile are all important steps you can take to stay safer in your later years. Making your home and garden more aged-friendly can also significantly reduce your risk of accident.

Removing or rectifying any trip hazards like rugs or furniture and improving lighting will help reduce risk, as will installing or using assistive technology or equipment around the home.
Daily Living Products specialises in a range of products that make it easier and safer for seniors to stay at home and live independently for longer.

You can easily reduce the risk of slipping, for example, by placing non-slip mats in high-risk areas like baths, showers and even in the laundry. Installing grab rails near the bath, shower and toilet will not only helps to prevent falls, it also makes life a whole lot easier. And if standing in the shower is a concern, shower stools are a simple and safer solution.

Daily Living Products carry a vast range of equipment and technology that can make it safer and easier to perform the tasks of daily living. Bending down should be avoided and the Daily Living Product range includes a variety of devices designed to help with reaching and picking things up. There are products to assist with mobility that also make injury less likely and products as simple as a kettle or jug tipper stand can help prevent burns in the kitchen.

There are four Daily Living Products stores for your convenience, you can shop online and their hire facility is great for those who only need temporary assistance. They can also offer you expert advice on all the products available to not only improve home safety for the aged but also to improve quality of life.