Blueprint Homes Part 1

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Craig Park



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Unit 22, 257 Balcatta Rd
Balcatta WA 6021

Recently on the show Craig Park, founder and general Manager of Blueprint Homes was helping guide us through the tricky process of building our own homes. So far we've spoken about the advantages of building new, setting a budget and finding the right location... next up?

The answer was to find the right builder.What do we look for? Well, it turns out 
there are a number of ways to determine good from not so good. 

To begin, Craig suggested visit display homes and have a wander through. Look at the detail, be it small or large, and keep and eye on the quality. Fixtures and fittings... are they quality too? And ask about awards. If the builder's had some success, make sure it's from reputed bodies like the Master Builders of WA.

Blueprint, Craig goes on the explain, applies many resources to ensuring an excellent client/builder relationship. Their 'Core Values' and 'Rewards Loyalty Program' are part of his business for a good reason, to exceed the industry standard when it comes to customer service. In turn, the buyer is given peace of mind. An assurance they're getting the most honest measurement of excellence.