Jazz Up For Sale  
Part 3

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Jane Heron



0438 966 459

7 Littledale St
Scaborough WA 6019

Dan and Jane then moved outside to the Alfresco - Balcony area. Jane explained that this area is a continuation of the lounge kitchen area creating another living area. It was important with our West Australian lifestyle that this becomes a very workable area. Including a lounge suite, or perhaps a dinning suite - generally making it another comfortable functional room that everybody loves. When it flows through like this it becomes another well used area demonstrating to prospective buyers another big feature of the home they may buy.

It's all about no clutter and creating a relaxing area. This is what Jane and her team from Jazz Up For Sale does so well. It's about thinking about the activities you may do, bringing the great outdoors into play so owners understand and can see themselves in the home entertaining and enjoying their new home.

In a few weeks time Jane shows us how she can transform and dress up a slightly older home, not quite as young so not quite as contemporary keeping the furniture in keeping with the style of the house.

Call Jane and her team if you would like to Jazz Up For Sale the home you may be selling!