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 Skin Cancer is still the most common cause of cancer in Australia and in 2011 alone, over seventy six and a half thousand skin cancers were treated.

The good news is that over 95% of skin cancers can be treated if found early.

So it's fabulous news that Master Builders and the Master Tradesman initiative have teamed up with SunSmart to help protect workers in the industry and reduce the number of skin cancers and skin damage caused from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Haley asked the Master Builders, Kelly Dewar-Matusic about this connection between SunSmart and Master Builders? Kelly responded. "With so many of our members and Master Tradesmen working outside day in day out, it’s an obvious partnership that will benefit and could protect our members through education and supplying vital information. We are an organization that likes to benefit from but also support with other groups who support our industry. When the UV index is just 3 or above, UV radiation is strong enough to damage our skin and cause cancer - even in winter, so it’s important to slip, slop, slap - all year round." said Kelly.

Scott is a Tradie and sits on the Master Tradesman Committee as a member. Haley asked hime, "what does the SunSmart collaboration mean to you?"

"we have to protect our workers, so the SunSmart collaboration means access and information we can provide for workers on site. SunSmart have even developed a free app to tell you the daily UV forecast."

So for more information on how you should be SunSmart check out