Blueprint Homes
Part 1

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Craig Park



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Recently on the show Craig Park, founder and general Manager of Blueprint Homes was helping guide us through the tricky process of building our own homes. So far we've spoken about the advantages of building new and setting a budget... what's next?

This lifestyle takes into account that the house design should factor in things like di you have or are you planning a family. Or are your children grown up and likely to leave home in the next few years. Are you an indoor or more an outdoor entertainer, the kind of person that likes alfresco living. All these factors should be considered so that Blueprint can design the floorplan for you. Other considrations are where you may work, where you want the children to go to school.

Dan asked if buying land was a challenge… Craig’s advise was that it certainly doesn’t have to be. In fact Blueprint Homes have dedicated consultants to help advise on house orientation, if your house will indeed fit on the block and whether there’s a need for siteworks etc.

Craig then talks about the advantages of house and land packages, but  agreed people are still very welcome to independently purchase a block before approaching their builder.