This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Craig Park



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Unit 22, 257 Balcatta Rd
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One of the biggest commitments most of us will ever make in our lives is to build our own home. And for first timers I can imagine this might feel a little overwhelming. However if you're in the right hands the process can be incredibly exciting, rewarding too.

During the programme Dan was talking with Craig Park of Blueprint homes.  Asking the question, after you have chosen a builder the next step is really establishing a budget for your new build. So it's time to be talking to a finance broker to help guide you through the process. Craig and the team at Blueprint have their own in house broker - In Reach Finance. Sit down with them, share your financial details and they'll help develop a strategy to get your new home affordably. So you can feel comfortable with your level of commitment.

Craig went on to say that payment structure has different stages throughout the build.
There's the land settlement that covers that portion of the package then you have draw-downs. A slab draw-down, brickwork draw-down,  roof on, lock up and handover draw-downs. The process can be long and daunting however Craig said with the right people guiding you it can be fun and very rewarding building your own home!