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The Ecostruct Panel Systems sustainable building system offers an alternative building solution that provides superior thermal efficiency, a quicker build and cost savings from day one of the project.

Manufactured in Australia with quality Australian products and labour, Ecostruct Panel Systems has aligned with a number of reputable companies such as James Hardie, RMax, Henkel and Dulux, to create an engineered structural insulated wall panel system designed to withstand our harsh Western Australian conditions.

Their unique build process gives an Ecostruct Panel Systems structure cyclone-rated strength and the easy construction system means that wall installation can be carried out by a carpenter and 2 trade assistants, so you'll have less trades on site for less time.

The panels are also fire retardant, termite treated and allow flexible design for external and internal walls, with cyclone rated construction to two storeys available for both residential and commercial projects if required.

The design and order process is simple and fast, too, and your design options are practically unlimited. Ecostruct Panel Systems can turn any plan into a Panel Layout Schedule for a quick and easy estimate, followed by a quick and easy build.

The ease of the Ecostruct Panel System is also the secret to cost savings. There's less materials required, no need for separate insulation, less Trades to pay, lower site costs and the quick build time saves you money on rent, insurance and bridging finance interest.

And the superior thermal efficiency of the Ecostruct Panel System means that you not only save money during the build, you'll also save money on your ongoing energy bills. And that means a saving to the environment, too.

An Ecostruct Panel Systems home can be finished in your choice of cladding or render to suit your individual design, so there's no need to compromise on quality, strength or style in order to build a home that reduces your environmental impact.

Ecostruct Panel Systems
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