Jazz Up For Sale - Part 2
by Jan Heron

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Jane Heron



0438 966 459

7 Littledale St
Scaborough WA 6019

Interior Stylist Jane Heron is the go to girl for many of Perth's selling agents when the time comes to place a home on the market. Her artistic talents breathe new life into an area, creating a stylish home interior, livening up an otherwise lack lustre atmosphere.

"It's all about presenting a home for sale to its optimum potential to attract and appeal to the buyer. Pre sale home enhancement is a lot like show biz. We design the set to captivate and delight the buyers when the show goes on and the sales process begins!"

For a small investment, sellers can put themselves in a much better position for a faster sale at the best possible price. Rates vary as to the size of the home and the amount of work required.

Local agent Neena Snooks uses Jane extensively lifting the ambiance of properties she has on the market from time to time.

Partial fit outs are also available to assist the home owner who is actually residing in the home, in many cases all that's need is to simply move existing furniture for a more appealing presentation.