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Imagine building a first class two storey home in essentially the same time it would normally take to finish a single, all with cutting edge building practices. Well this is another trade secret that the Summit Homes Group are offering to their clients.

To begin, I should point out that this innovation by Summit Homes Group is in partnership with Truecore steel for framing and Colorbond steel for roofing, both under the banner of industry heavy weight BlueScope Steel.

What Summit have done is combined conventional building methods of double brick construction with innovative technology. Now, both levels of a new two storey home can be built at exactly the same time... the lower level at the site, and the upper level here at the Summit Homes Group headquarters, in their 6000m2 purpose built facility in what they call “concurrent building”.

And because they can, a number of things happen. Being in a controlled environment, the quality is flawless. Supervision is around the clock and stringent so no detail is missed. Secondly the house is built remarkably quicker, up to four months in fact. And because you're in sooner, there's a huge saving financially... less time to build... fewer rental payments while waiting. Plus they never have to stop because of the rain! It’s just another trade secret that Summit is sharing with its clients.