Innovations Enviro Heaters

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Wangara WA

Home in WA featured an Italian made home heating system that’s revolutionizing the market and the response has been remarkable

Innovations Enviroheating is A WA company that can have a huge impact on winter power bills.

The unique wood pellet heating system is what makes these stylish PHEBO STUFE Heaters so efficient.

Compared to wood there’s hardly any moisture, that means the heat that they produce stays in your house rather than up in smoke through the chimney!

A 15 kg bag cost less than a dollar a kilo and can burn up to 25 hours of burning time.

The wood pellets are completely carbon neutral, so it’s doing the right thing by the environment.

And on top of that they’re produced locally.

THE PHEBO STUFE range is proudly supplied and distributed by Innovations Enviro Heating - a rapidly expanding company who at the moment stock a range of close to 30 of these world class wood heaters

The 11.8 Kw Asia Model is one of the most popular for WA houses.

Its steel body comes with adjustable feet, a stainless steel brazier and here you can program it by the day or week.

It’s so easy to use!

Like a lot of great home innovations these heaters are already popular in Europe and the US.

And it’s easy to see why they’re taking off here in WA.

Those no substitute for the ambiance and cosy feeling you get in front of a natural flame.
Save money, effort and the environment this winter.. head to