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Winter is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer from the winter chills… or the increased winter power bills.

Now you can stay warm & cozy while saving money, effort and even the environment.

The latest in environmentally friendly heaters are designed and manufactured in Italy….and now thanks to the expert team at Innovations Enviroheating West Aussies can purchase the first of the unique PHEBO STUFE range.

The beauty of the Innovations Enviroheating system is found in its fuel.

The wood pellets have been compressed with heat which also removes the moisture.

Fire wood can be up to 48% water… these pellets are less than 8 %.

As fuel it means these wood pellets burn much cleaner, much longer and are practically smoke free.

And best of all these locally produced pellets won’t burn holes in wallets.

A 15 kg bag like will cost you less that a dollar a kilo and can provide more than 25 hours of burning!

Kiss fossil fuels good bye, these are revolutionizing the market.

The Thermostat control and timer function is just the icing on the cake.

People are choosing them because they’re so efficient, they’re easy to use and completely safe on the environment.

Each one comes with a built in safety if it over heats it turns itself off.

With a massive range of heaters to choose from… head to to find your new best friend this winter.