Trustek Steel Roofing Systems

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111 Poole Street
Welshpool WA 6106

TRUSTEK are one of Western Australia's largest designers and manufacturers of steel roofing. They boast access to their own modern rolling, pressing and cutting plant and can computer design any project, large or small.

Steel roofing is the product for the future, as it is strong, light weight, vermin resistant and can be shaped into almost any design.

Trustek Steel Roofing Systems is currently the only company in Australasia to have successfully solved the problems of designing, fabricating and marketing cost-efficient steel roofing systems to such high quality standards.

The Trustek steel roofing system uses BHP steel to manufacture and assemble high quality roof trusses. Trustek have the technology and facilities to achieve all facets of the manufacture of the roofing system.

A specifically designed and patented drafting program allows for individual tailoring of each roof to suit client specifications.

An expert team of roof builders ensure on site erection is completed accurately and efficiently.