Autumn/Spring Offer

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



1800 009 000

 After a long and hot WA summer the winter chill is just around the corner

So for pool owners, it’s crunch time when it comes to prepping your pool for it’s off season. Do it NOW!

And Poolwerx has ways you can save money in the process.

With usage about to drop…it’s commonly thought that shutting everything down and forgetting it until summer is the most economical option.

Well the experts at PoolWerx are busting that myth and offering pool owners a special deal. Book an Autumn pool service and they’ll give you a Spring pool start up service FREE. Yes to get ready for summer.

They say that if you neglect your pool for months at a time, you risk damaging both the pool shell and equipment.  Plus the murky water creates poor visibility and harbors nasty bugs; its simply not safe and healthy, especially with young children around.

Dealing with all those issues is going to cost you time, money and head aches…so that’s where PoolWerx comes in.

They’re the trusted name in WA when it comes to servicing pools.

All you have to do is book a visit from one of PoolWerx’s qualified professionals and they’ll pop over to take care of the essentials.

Plus the team at PoolWerx pride themselves on pool safety

To secure a FREE spring start up book a an autumn make over now! Call PoolWerx on 1800 009 000. (terms and conditions apply)
Or to find out more at www.poolwerx.com