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There’s nothing more Aussie than the summer barbie, with cricket on the telly and those pesky flies hanging around.  But did you know that your summer barbie can make it even easier to apply your favourite fertiliser and seaweed solution? Next time you come to the end of your tomatoe sauce bottle, recycle the bottom and reuse the top. The sauce bottle top is the perfect way to apply both Seasol and Powerfeed without any mess.  You simply screw the sauce bottle top onto any Seasol or Powerfeed concentrate bottle. Twist the top and then squeeze it into your watering can, this makes it much quicker and easier to apply.

Apply both PowerFeed and Seasol every week over summer to protect your garden and plants from stress due to the warmer weather and reduced rainfall.  This will also reduce your stress over summer as you know your garden is being cared for with this sensational combination. Seasol helps to establish a strong and vigorous root system and strengthens the cell walls to boost plants' resistance to disease, pests, drought and frost, while the new PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit has just the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to enhance flowering and encourage more fruit production which means healthier plants.

So next time you are having a barbeque this summer remember there is nothing more Aussie than Seasol to keep your garden in top shape and stress free. But be careful not to pick up the wrong bottle and squeeze Seasol on your sausage! Find Seasol and Powerfeed for Flowers & Fruit at Bunnings stores throughout WA.