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 Over the last few weeks we have shown you how to turn poor sandy soils on Perth’s Coastal Plain into a sensational fertile waterwise soil.  All it took was a one-off application of Watheroo Bentonite along with the basic components in our ‘Gardening Kit’ including soil improver, fertiliser, wetting agent and mulch.

100% Western Australian owned Watheroo Bentonite clay is sourced from the wheatbelt and is a natural and effective wetting agent available for our tough conditions here in WA. It increases the wettability and water holding capacity of these hard to wet soils, allowing deeper penetration of water into the root zone.

Watheroo Bentonite is a special type of clay that is rich in Calcium and Magnesium and is so easy to apply on your entire garden, improving overall plant and soil health while saving water!

The application of soil amendments using Watheroo Bentonite clay and organic matter that is rich in humic compounds will have rapid and long lasting effects in converting your poor unstructured sandy soil into a productive soil.

Remember next time you are out in your West Australian garden always use sustainable products that Include Watheroo Bentonite clay if you want to make a permanent waterwise difference and save time and money.

Don’t settle for second best, the natural solution is Calcium Bentonite from Watheroo Bentonite - creating gardens for life.

Watheroo Bentonite is available from all good Garden Centres and Retailers throughout WA or you can find your nearest stockist at www.bentonitewa.com.au