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Summer’s on its way and it’s time to get your garden in shape ….and Colin showed us how to make the most of your time out in the garden.

An application of Seasol stimulates root growth and strengthens cell walls making your plants more tolerant to stress so they are better equipped to beat the summer heat and drought.….and the ready to use hose-on pack makes it easy to apply. Apply Seasol to all your garden plants and lawn every two weeks throughout the growing season to help your plants thrive. The specialised manufacturing process used to make Seasol results in a highly refined and stable product for your garden and plants. It’s even easier to apply using a SprayMate.  It simply clicks on to most hose-end spray packs for more efficient operation providing leak free on/off control at the hose end, not at the tap end. SprayMate is perfect for all Seasol and PowerFeed spray packs – So no more hose crimping, wasted water or leaks!

You can find SprayMate, and Seasol ready-to-use hose-on packs at all good garden centres and retailers.

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