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Gardening on the coast creates challenges with salt spray, strong wind and poor sandy soils making it tough for all gardeners. But there is a ‘one-off’ permanent waterwise solution that can turn your garden into an oasis….

It’s Watheroo Bentonite. Coastal soils are often made up of coarse sand with little or no organic matter.  These soils have no structure and drain freely, with low water and nutrient holding capacity that can develop water repellent properties making gardening a challenge. By adding around 3kg of natural Watheroo Bentonite clay per square metre along with soil conditioner and organic fertiliser to sandy coastal soils you can improve these soils permanently.

Always select tough plants that can cope with these harsh coastal conditions. Good plant selection teamed with Calcium and Magnesium rich Watheroo Bentonite is a partnership you can trust to provide long lasting sustainable solutions for your garden. Top off with a coarse, chunky mulch to retain moisture and before long you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour in your own piece of paradise on the coast! Watheroo Bentonite is available in 20kg bags from all good Garden Centres and Retailers.

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