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If you want to keep your lawn in tip top condition or to revive a tired lawn that’s looking a bit sad …..we suggest you try and use C-Wise Turf Perfect straight from the bag. It’s the smarter natural way to garden, in our opinion.

Applied as a top dressing it will dramatically improve the water holding capacity of sandy soils cutting the lawn's requirement for fertilizer, which is an important consideration as we all become aware of the need to reduce fertiliser use and protect flow off into our rivers.  

Turf Perfect is made from a fine form of humus that provides all the benefits of a healthy active organic soil to help keep your lawn healthy, green and looking great. So apply C-Wise Turf Perfect to kick-start your lawn into spring growth, build resilience for the hot summer months ahead or to keep your grass green long into winter. Simply brush in with a rake or broom then water heavily to take it down to the lower stems of the grass.

 So if you want the ‘perfect’ organic solution for an all year round beautiful lawn, choose ‘Carbon-Wise’ the naturally smarter way to garden. C- Wise Turf Perfect is available in easy to handle bags from selected soil yards including Soils Ain’t Soils. 

To find your nearest stockist go to www.cwise.com.au