'New Altitude Series'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Two story constructions have always been admired in any streetscape, but there has always been that hefty price tag. Well that’s all about to change with Summit Homes about to release its brand new Altitude Series. Using state of the art technologies and materials they’ll make two story building more affordable.  

While the ground floor ‘is’ a double brick construction the second story is prefabricated right here in Perth to your exact specifications. This range of homes clearly draws a line in the sand between the traditional and the 21st century!
 So you can save money on the build, but you could choose to have a smaller block and save more money again or stay with the larger block and then a decent size backyard.
The other ‘big’ winner is construction time … with the second story only adding about two weeks to the time it takes to build a single story home.
COLORBOND steel have just released 6 new contemporary colours for you to choose from. “Colorbond steel has been synonymous with quality and durability in Australia for more than 45 years, and just when you thought Bluescope Steel couldn't improve on an already fantastic product, they've gone and made Colorbond steel even better.

Because of the construction techniques your second story will never look like an addition. Both levels are fully integrated through their design and finish.
Bluescope steel have recently launched their new COLORBOND steel with Activate technology. Activate technology provides better performance and an even longer warranty.”

 These homes look fabulous from the outside but it’s worth noting that the floor plans are only limited by your imagination. Kids bedrooms upstairs, entertainment spaces upstairs or your own luxury bedroom and retreat upstairs!
This is where Summits experienced and professional team will talk you through all of your options….. looking at your choice of front elevations…. a ‘very’ different look to your parent’s home or even ‘your’ last home!
The floor plans are incredible and of course you can make changes to suit your needs. Plus you’ll have the assurance that your home will be finished to the highest quality by one of WA’s most experienced builders. Summit Homes were proud winners of the Bankwest Master Builders Housing Excellence Award for  2013

So if you have thought that a stylish, good sized double story home was out of your price range then talk to Summit Homes about their new range. …But remember this is just a sneak peak!