Bentonite Clay  

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If your soil looks dry, grey and water repellent like this and you have trouble growing plants and watering effectively, I have the solution for you!

Applying Watheroo Bentonite clay to the grey gutless Bassendean sands of Perth’s Coastal Plain increases the wettability and water holding capacity of these hard to wet soils, allowing for deeper penetration of water into the root zone.

Not all clays are the same. Watheroo Bentonite clay is rich in Calcium and Magnesium and in my opinion is the best for improving plant health by producing rapid and long lasting results in Western Australia’s poor sandy soils.

A common misconception is that you can use ‘kitty litter’ to apply Bentonite clay to your garden. Commonly it is either Attapulgite , a completely different structured inferior clay or a clumping Sodium Bentonite, which is almost double the price of Watheroo Bentonite.

When compared to most Kaolin clays, Watheroo Bentonite clay has around 20 times the surface area and over four times the capacity to hold onto increased water and nutrients. So a little goes a long way!

When planting in established gardens, you can add a large handful of Bentonite clay into the bottom of each new planting hole and mix it in thoroughly with some good quality soil conditioner.

So remember not all clays are the same, always ask for Watheroo Bentonite if you want to make a difference to your garden.

Watheroo Bentonite is available from all good Garden Centres and Retailers throughout WA so you can improve your ‘Garden for Life’.