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For all you gardeners looking for a naturally easy and less messy way to improve your soil, this could be the answer.  C-Wise Humiclay.

The perfect foundation for all planting jobs whether its trees, shrubs, vegetables or flower beds. It can be used to establish new shrubs in this sandy Perth soil. Simply mix in the planting hole at a rate of 1 part Humiclay to 10 parts original soil or spread a 1cm layer of Humiclay over the soil surface and lightly work it in. C-Wise Humiclay is a world’s first breakthrough product combining humus, Bentonite and Zeolite. This unique mature composted product is a rich source of organic soil carbon that stimulates the natural soil biology, improves water retention and increases the availability and uptake of nutrients supplying the perfect growing conditions for plants.

 A little goes a long way and this easy to use formulation allows you to gradually build up your soil fertility and productivity over time, reducing the leaching of soluble fertilisers and allowing the easy incorporation of clay into your soil without any mess. To finish off add some controlled release fertiliser and water in well to settle in the plants and activate the Humiclay. So if you thought improving sandy soil was hard work, now you know that there is a smart and natural way to do it.
It’s as easy as C-Wise Humiclay. C-Wise Humiclay is available in bags from selected soil yards including Soils Ain’t Soils. www.cwise.com.au to find your nearest stockist.