'New Colours'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Monica Macaskill



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Over the last 45 years, Colorbond  steel has become a truly iconic Australian brand, renowned for its durability, strength and style.

Bluescope Steel has recently launched their new COLORBOND  steel with Activate   technology along with the expansion of their colour range. This, Dale Alcock display, for example, is one of  the first homes to feature one of the brand new Colorbond  steel colours.

The secret to the extended longevity is in the new Activate technology, formulated after twenty years of development, $100million of capital expenditure and a great deal of customer consultation.
Improved corrosive protection has allowed for an extended headline warranty, because the new Colorbond  steel colours, inspired by the earthy tones of Australia, offer  greater confidence in performance and durability.

Improved durability, a longer headline warranty and an even wider choice of colours combine with Colorbond  steel's already formidable list of benefits to make a great product even greater.

New Colorbond with Activate technology
Available in 6 new colours