Franmara Martini Spray & Vacuvin Cocktail sticks

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Kitchen Witch are back with their clever kitchen ideas and today they’d like to introduce you the clever Franmara Martini Spray.

The classic Martini is still unbeatable sticking with tradition it must contain no more than a “Soupçon” of Vermouth, like the murmur of a hint. And there’s only one way to get that, with the Franmara Martini spray.

It’s an atomiser specifically designed for the task and it dispenses the exact amount of vermouth to put the perfect finishing touch on a classic Martini.
It even comes nicely boxed with a little funnel and carry pouch.

Another handy tool for any cocktail night are the Vacuvin Cocktail recipe-swizzle sticks. Each one is a different recipe and they are graduated according to each ingredient. So you plonk them in any straight glass and just follow the instructions! Plus they’ve got a little stopper that prevents them from moving around and poking you in the eye. Isn’t that good?

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