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When you build a home in WA, your Master Builder is responsible for taking care of the insurances required for the project and there are several needed, including one insurance policy that all builders must have, Home Indemnity Insurance.

Home Indemnity Insurance covers the homeowner (and subsequent owners) for satisfactory completion of the building work and loss of deposit, and any rectification work should the builder die, disappear or become insolvent within 6 years from the date of practical completion of a new home.

All residential building work valued over $20,000 must be covered by Home Indemnity Insurance. It is not required for 'associated work', such as building only a pergola, fence or swimming pool.

Currently, the onus of obtaining the insurance is on the builder and the builder must have current insurance before accepting any payment or obtaining a building licence or permit from the local government.

The cost of Home Indemnity Insurance has increased by 40% for most builders in 2013, and another 40% will follow for most again in the new year. This is affecting the affordability of housing and that's why the MBA are currently lobbying to have the scheme made voluntary.

Of course, Home Indemnity is only one of the insurances that builders organise during construction; a whole suite of products are required to ensure that everybody involved is protected from things that don't go according to plan.

Workers Compensation, public liability, contract works and more are all required and MBA Insurance Services provides all these policies, with profits going back into the Building and Construction Industry.

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