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If you haven’t tried growing your own veggies at home because you don’t have a lot of space, why not have a go at container gardening! By using large pots and containers you can provide the perfect growing conditions for all your favourite summer veggies.

All you need is sun, water and a little help from Seasol!

Capsicums and chilies make spectacular container plants that can last a couple of years.  For best results choose a pot at least 40-50cms across and always use a premium potting mix.  Soak your seedlings in Seasol prior to planting to reduce transplant shock and to get them off to a bumper start.

Start to fill up the planter from the bottom... Tap the seedlings out of their pots, dig a small hole and place in some Seasol Planting Gel and then put in the plants… firm around them gently. Finally water in your plants with Seasol to further reduce transplant shock and to produce tougher healthier plants. If you want bigger plants and lots more fruit feed every fortnight with PowerFeed for Veggies which is specifically designed for vegetables.  Its proven formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts provides everything that your Veggies need to thrive. Find out more at and find PowerFeed for Veggies as a concentrate or pre-mixed hose-on at all good garden centres and retailers.