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For thousands of years, people have used dogs to help protect their homes and some of today's insurers even offer a discount to homes protected by a dog. But, while a big, barking dog is great for deterring would be burglars, you don't really want a dog that's aggressive and scary when it comes to other dogs or your visitors.

Along with quality Veterinary care, Hanly Vet can also help with how your pet behaves. After 40 years in practice, they have plenty of invaluable advice about animal behaviour.

According to Dr Gary Hanly, controlling aggression in animals requires the education of pets and owners and Sterilisation. He says, "There are three types of aggression - fear aggression, you take away the object of the fear; pain aggression, you take away the pain; and with natural animal aggression, the best answer is sterilisation."

"Across all species sterilisation reduces the dominance instinct and the Territorial behaviour. Aggression and fighting is less. It also stops roaming and the tendency to urinate anywhere and everywhere. In cats it stops roaming, which helps stop the spread of Cat Aids and Leukaemia virus."

Sterilising has no effect on your pet's personality. Says Dr Gary, "If anything, animals are more content and happier when they've been sterilised, they're just less aggressive - and not out to rule the world! Even the so called dangerous dogs will be social and happy."

Sterilising is a simple procedure and as part of the National Desexing Network, Hanly Vet are committed in WA to offer the procedure at a reduced rate, so that it's more affordable for more pet owners.

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