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Colorbond® steel has been synonymous with quality and durability in Australia for more than 45 years, earning a reputation as a product that can be used in many varied situations; and just when you thought steel couldn’t improve any further, Bluescope  releases a new COLORBOND® steel featuring ActivateTM technology.

The new Colorbond® steel offers  ease of use, design flexibility,  enduring fashionability, is also more resistant to corrosion when drilled, cut or scratched  and is now available in an even wider range of colours.
The secret is the new Activate technology in the sub-strate. Twenty years of development, $100million of capital expenditure and plenty of customer feedback as seen the development of a product that performs much better from a corrosive protection perspective, giving Bluescope Steel the confidence to give extended headline warranties to our customers.

The six new colours, inspired by the earthy tones of Australia, have been rigorously tested for Australian conditions. And you can co-ordinate those colours for the gutters and downpipes too and no matter what your home style or design, Colorbond® steel will give you lasting performance and durability.

Ask your builder, architect or supplier for more information or find out more at
New Colorbond® with Activate technology
Available in 6 new colours