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Today we are going to show you one of the secrets of the world’s top gardeners.  Throughout history, mature composted humus or organic soil carbon has been the basis for growing the best plants and creating the best gardens.
Now this secret is available to all home gardeners and professionals in WA through C-Wise Humicarb.

C-Wise Humicarb is suitable for using on all types of lawn and today we are using it to establish this ‘Palmetto’ buffalo lawn. Spread a 2cm layer of C-Wise Humicarb over the soil surface and dig it in to the top 20cm of soil to create the ideal growing conditions and foundation for your new lawn.

You see C-Wise Humicarb works by feeding the organic soil carbon to the millions of natural micro-organisms and bacteria living in the soil, building healthy soil structure, increasing the availability and uptake of nutrients, storing water and providing a natural resistance to pests and diseases.

When laying your lawn always knit the turf rolls together to avoid gaps that can dry out quickly during warm weather. A light top dress of Humicarb over the joins will make your new lawn more resilient and resistant to drying out.  Water in well and finally compact the new lawn to ensure there are no air pockets and the roots of the lawn are in contact with the soil.

So now you know the secret of the world’s best gardeners is in the bag of C-Wise Humicarb.  Apply it to your entire garden for the perfect sustainable solution.  A small amount goes a long way.

C-Wise Humicarb compost is available in convenient bags for all your gardening needs at selected soil yards, including Soils ain’t Soils. Visit cwise.com.au to find your nearest stockist.