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Whenever you plant up a new garden there is a bewildering range of products you can use.  To make it easier, here is a simple Gardening kit so that you can make the right choice every time!

The ‘Gardening kit’ includes soil improver, Bentonite clay, fertiliser, wetting agent and mulch to help your plants survive the hot summer ahead.

A one-off application of natural Watheroo Bentonite clay to your garden will greatly improve the poorly structured soils typical of Perth’s coastal plain, decreasing water use and providing long term benefits for your plants, garden and the environment.

So whenever you plant up a new garden bed, apply around 3kg of bentonite clay, a 2cm layer of soil conditioner and a handful of organic fertiliser per square metre and dig it in. The Bentonite clay coats the sand grains attracting humus, organic matter and silt to form aggregates that permanently improve the soil structure.

Watheroo Bentonite clay is rich in Calcium and Magnesium and has superior water and nutrient holding capacity compared to Kaolin clay.  From my landscaping experience you need a lot less and it’s easier to apply, saving you both time and money.

By treating your whole garden with Watheroo Bentonite clay like this one, you can create a thriving and sustainable ‘Garden for Life’, the perfect waterwise solution.

You can pick up Watheroo Bentonite in 20kg bags from all good Garden Centres and Retailers. To find out more go to