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SOLAHART pioneered solar hot water in Australia 60 years ago when they produced their very first solar water heater. Since then they have helped over one million households around the world save on their energy bills.
Switching to solar hot water is your best option to significantly reduce your energy use and SOLAHART also now offer solar power.

All SOLAHART systems are specifically made for our harsh conditions and are constantly tested and improved right here in WA! The relentless pursuit of innovation has been one of the keys to SOLAHART’s success over the years. The research capabilities at this solar testing laboratory are internationally recognized. They’ve an enviable Research & Development team, committed to developing the next generation of solar water heaters and assessing and incorporating the latest solar energy technologies
Solaharts website is one of the best …. Because it’s interactive, taking you through the whole process, including a cost savings calculator, and even has a home visualizer where you can choose your style of home and then see what it will look like with your SOLAHART installed!

And right now when you purchase a solar hot water and solar power combo…  SOLAHART will give you a substantial factory cash back that’s in addition to the Government incentive …. worth around $1000 per system.
And finally a community support role they excel with…..You see SOLAHART have been running their own car in the WA VARIETY BASH for the past 3 years and have raised over $170, 000 for sick and disadvantaged kids in WA.
So find out more go to SOLAHART’s website for facts, pictures, answers and brochures on all of their products or call 1300 2 SOLAR to organize your free in home solar quote.