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When it comes to starting your waterwise garden from scratch, We suggest you make the ‘Carbon wise’ choice when deciding which soil improvers and mulch to use.
Today Colin Barlow shares his tip. It’s C-Wise.

First incorporate C-Wise mushroom compost into the soil.

You see Mushroom compost is a rich source of natural plant food and humus.  Used by generations of gardeners, it’s a reliable and weed free product that works sensationally.

Apply a 3 to 4 cm layer of C-Wise mushroom compost and lightly work this into the soil prior to planting. It works by holding and retaining moisture in your soil while at the same time conditioning and improving its ability to hold onto nutrients. It’s terrific stuff!

And finally to really ensure a healthy Waterwise garden, a good layer of mulch is essential, like this C-Wise Mulch. Mulching stops moisture being lost from the soil by evaporation and it also helps to keep plant roots cool by insulating the soil from the summer heat.

C-Wise Eco Mushroom compost can be used as a soft mulch for the vegetable patch where it breaks down to feed the plants. In garden beds and around shrubs a chunky long life mulch is ideal. C-Wise has a range of composted mulches that do the job brilliantly including this one called Eco Mulch.

So if you want to be wise in preparing your garden for the hot summer ahead, apply the perfect combination of C-Wise Mushroom compost and C-Wise Mulch to your whole garden and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Both C-Wise Mushroom compost and C- Wise Mulches are available in bulk quantities at leading soil yards. To find your nearest stockist go to cwise.com.au