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Long before anyone had even heard of global warming and climate change, a pioneering plumbing supply company based in Perth decided that the sun was the best source available to heat water in Western Australian homes.

SW Hart & Co. had been in the plumbing business since 1901 and it was in 1953 that they pioneered solar hot water systems in Australia and SOLAHART was born.
Today SOLAHART has manufactured over one million solar water heaters installed in 80 countries on every continent around the world.
Not only are the SOLAHART installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council, they also are rigorously trained to ensure that each installation is performed in accordance with stringent guidelines and standards.

Their aim is to find the best solution for you that will suit your needs. This free solar in home consultation ensures you get the absolute finest solar solution for your situation. SOLAHART will come out to you for a free no obligation quote.

Go to SOLAHART’s website for facts, pictures, answers and brochures on all of their products or call them on 1300 2 SOLAR to organize your free in home solar quote.