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Does the water in your garden simply roll off the surface of the soil and end up on the road and footpath rather than the garden?   

If it does then take note… because Seasol have the solution to ensure that we conserve one of our most valuable resources.

A simple scratch beneath the soil surface will indicate whether the water is actually penetrating into the root zone or if it repels water becoming hydrophobic. Hydrophobic soils can be caused by a number of factors such as waxy leaves that break down and coat the particles of sand or soil, or organic matter and potting mixes that have been allowed to dry out.
Other factors like compaction or soil structure can affect how the soil absorbs and holds water so to help solve these problems apply Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner to your soil.  

The application of a soil wetting agent helps to save water and reduce nutrient losses by increasing the 'wettability' and water holding capacity of hard to wet soils, which allows for deeper penetration of the water into the root zone.  Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner is an aquatic safe wetting agent combined with Seasol liquid seaweed and humic soil conditioners. So it will also condition the soil, improving its ability to hold onto available moisture and nutrients as well as boosting overall plant growth and performance. Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner remains active for many months and makes watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective…. Saving you water, time and money.

So use it on your whole garden, three or four times a year to ensure that every drop of rain and water counts!

Find Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner at all good Garden Centres and retailers and to find out more about all their products go to