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Gardening on the coast is hard work with the harsh winds, salt spray and poor soils making life tough for plants and creating challenges for even the best gardeners.  

If your plants are going to survive and thrive like these you need to use the products that the professionals use. Tough coastal conditions require tough plants that can withstand free draining sandy soils, strong winds and salt spray.

In this garden there are palms, Bougainvillea, Citrus, conifers, roses and annuals, that are really thriving as they are able to grow in these tough conditions with that extra bit of care. So it comes as no surprise that again the secret to make these plants look so good is regular applications of both Seasol and Powerfeed every couple of weeks. Believe me, your coastal garden can be as healthy as this. Seasol encourages healthy root growth, so that plant roots are able to reach water held deeper within sandy coastal soils.  It also helps to strengthen the plant cell walls making them more resistant to stress from heat, drought and strong winds as well as attack from pests and diseases.

The PowerFeed is made from fish and provides a rich source of macro nutrients, trace elements, protein and amino acids that plants need for healthy growth.  It also contains liquid composts that help to condition the soil and improve the availability of nutrients in poor coastal soils.  So if you live by the coast and want to have a beautiful garden, apply the perfect combination of Seasol and Powerfeed every fortnight for a year round dynamic health and nutrition program for all your garden plants.

You can pick up Seasol and PowerFeed in a variety of easy-to-use packs from all good Garden Centres and Retailers and look out for some more great gardening ideas each week on Home in WA.