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Today we are going to create and replant an ornamental vegetable garden or ‘Potager’ in a large urn where we mix flowers, shrubs, annuals, herbs and vegetables to create a garden that looks as good as it tastes!  

First we are going to prepare the area by mixing in some compost, Bentonite clay and slow release fertiliser to improve the soil.

We've chosen plants that will fill the containers quickly providing a fountain of colour and food.  This Pelargonium ‘ Big Red’ has striking red flowers, we've also chosen some parsley, lettuce and a Lilypily topiary for the centrepiece.

Next dig a small hole for each of the plants and mix in some Seasol Planting Gel to give your plants the best start in life.

The crystals are impregnated with Seasol and Powerfeed so they deliver a slow release of essential nutrients and anti-oxidants direct to the roots.  Seasol Planting Gel also absorbs and delivers water for extended periods helping your plants to get the best start.

Leafy green vegetables are not just good for healthy eating, they're also great contrast plants in the garden providing texture and colour.

Finally apply Powerfeed for Vegies, which is specially formulated for vegetables, providing just the right balance of essential nutrients for lush foliage, bigger and tastier vegies.
 Apply every week for a garden that tastes as good as it looks.

Find Seasol Planting Gel, Powerfeed for Vegies and vegetable seedlings at all good nurseries and garden centres and join us again next week for more Gardening tips on HOME in WA.