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If you’ve needed a tradie to upgrade your home as many times as I have you’d know that it can be very exciting but sometimes very frustrating. It’d be nice to have a website that listed fully qualified and recognized Master Tradesmen….. Well there is!

Take a look at the Master Tradesman website ….     Here you can find experienced ‘tradies’. At present there are 30 Master Tradesman listed. This Master Builders initiative seeks to promote higher standards in the building and construction industry.

So a ‘Master Tradesman’ is recognized by the Master Builders as demonstrating a commitment to quality building workmanship in WA. The initiative will give the consumer more confidence in appointing a Master Tradesman.
So if you need a ‘tradie’ choose a Master Tradie as they’ve’ already been checked out for you by the Master Builders. And if you’re a ‘tradie’ that wants to go to the next level, give the Master Builders a call.

Check out the Master Tradesman website at for the lists of fully qualified and accredited tradesmen.