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1800 009 000

Has your pool been neglected during the winter? It could be riddled with nasties including dangerous bacteria.

Regular water testing and maintenance is the easiest way to make sure you can enjoy your pool this summer. And who can do that for you?

Poolwerx - with their $69 summer start up offer. They’ll get your pool in tip top swimming condition, so you can beat the summer rush! It’s a great package that includes a full service of your pool.

The PoolWerx team will spring clean, calibrate and clean plus, the service includes the addition of balancing your chemicals for just a little extra.

Oh, and if you want to start swimming now while the water is still a little chilly, ask PoolWerx about how easy it can be to install heating to your pool.
With gas, solar and heat pump options available, PoolWerx can offer a product to suit both your needs and budget.

And continuing PoolWerx support of pool safety they are now supporting the
“Kids Alive – Do the Five” program. Here’s Aussie swimming coach legend Laurie Lawrence to tell you more.

“Yes…we all know I’m passionate about pool safety so please when kids are anywhere near the pool ‘Do the Five’ to prevent drownings in our pools…”

Call PoolWerx toll free on 1800 009 000. There’s bound to be one near you!