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There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than a garden full of colourful and sweet smelling roses, but for many people they are just too much hard work.

Pruning, pests and diseases, it can all become too much…  So here we are going to show you an easy way to care for your roses like the experts and be the envy of the street!

Roses are extremely drought resistant and long lived providing they have good drainage and at least six hours of full sun a day to thrive.  Plant them in an area that is free of root competition from large trees and shrubs.

A healthy soil is the basis for a healthy garden and top quality roses.  Adding a good quality soil improver like Richgro’s Organic Rose Marvel to your rose garden will help your roses to stay strong, and fight insect and fungal attacks more effectively.

Organic Rose Marvel is perfect for improving your soil, by increasing its water holding capacity, nutrient availability and microbial activity giving a natural boost to your roses. It can be easily applied to the surface as a soil conditioner or mulch, or used as a planting mix for new roses.

The key to great looking roses is regular feeding.  Roses respond best to monthly applications of a balanced food from October through to winter.

Richgro’s Black Marvel Premium Rose Food is a premium high analysis fertiliser that is specifically designed for the optimum growth of roses providing all the essential nutrients and trace elements that your roses need to thrive.

The high potash levels in Black Marvel encourage lots of colourful healthy blooms while the Nitrogen produces strong healthy foliage and growth.  The enhanced iron content helps to promote lush deep green leaves and the right amount of Phosphorous levels produce strong vigorous roots as well being safe for our waterways.

To make sure that you are not wasting any water or fertiliser, always apply a wetting agent at least twice a year.

Ezi-Wet granulated soil wetter helps to save water by increasing the 'wettability' and water holding capacity of water repellent soils which allows for deeper penetration of the water into the root zone.  

Ezi-Wet now has the added benefits of Charlie Carp fish emulsion and natural Bentonite clay to aid water holding capacity.  A 10kg bag will cover approximately 300m2 so it goes a long way in the garden.

Troy Franks from Richgro explains how a unique tonic will keep our roses ‘Happy’.
The popular Beat-A Bug range of sprays are well known, and now Richgro have developed a 100% organic health tonic for your roses that feeds and protects all in one.

Beat-A-Bug Happy Roses contains all natural ingredients including Ginseng, garlic, fish and vegetable oils, natural minerals, hormones, enzymes and citronella.  A regular spray will promote improved health, vigour and flowers on your roses and boost disease resistance while the garlic and citronella will help repel insect attacks.

So if you want to grow roses like the experts at Richgro, follow these easy steps to success and you will marvel at the results! And your roses will be very ‘Happy’ too!

Find out more at and find Beat-A-Bug Happy Roses, Black Marvel, Organic Rose Marvel and Ezi-Wet Soil Wetter at all good garden centres and retailers.