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Kitchen Witch are back with their clever kitchen ideas and today they’d like to introduce you to the De Buyer Corer.

The corer is one of the most basic tools in the kitchen. From the apprentice to the home cook to the gourmet chef it provides an invaluable service in food preparation but today we introduce you to a corer with a difference.

It looks just like a regular corer but the secret of its success can be found in the clever rotation. Of course you can use it as a regular corer and core all the way through if that is what you need. But if you drive it in with a clockwise rotation, stop before you’re through and rotate it anti–clockwise that little metal blade flips out and severs the piece you have cored.

When you draw the corer back the piece comes out with it. The result is a neat blind hole; perfect for stuffing potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum, apples you name it. And it has handy graduations on the side so you know how far in you’ve gone.

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