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Spring is upon us with the blossom on the trees and the garden bursting into growth.

There is nothing more enjoyable than the sight of beautiful Camellias, Lavender and perennials heralding the spring season with a riotous explosion of colour and perfume.  Here are some great ideas to help your garden bloom this spring and look as good as this one.

Tiered or layered planting can be used in smaller gardens to provide shelter and protection, screen out unwanted views and to make the area appear larger.  Urns and pots can be incorporated as focal points for added interest.

Choose plants that flower throughout the year.  These Princess lilies will flower for most of the year and respond to regular dead-heading to put their energy into producing even more flowers.  And it’s as easy as twisting and pulling off the dead heads! Plus some Seasol and Powerfeed.

A regular application of both Seasol and Powerfeed for Flowers and Fruit will create a stronger and healthier root system, improved pest and disease resistance and lots more flowers and fruit! Just use 3 capfuls of Seasol and five of Powerfeed per watering can for the perfect garden tonic!

The fish in PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit provides a rich source of amino acids, proteins, beneficial bacteria, trace elements and vitamins.  It also contains liquid composts to increase beneficial microbes in the soil and improve soil structure, bringing your soil and garden to life.

Apply the perfect combination of Seasol and PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit every week to make your garden a blooming paradise.

You can pick up Seasol and PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit in a variety of easy-to-use packs from Bunnings stores and look out for some more great gardening ideas on Home in WA each week.